Monday, February 11, 2013


So I went to the bathroom a few minutes ago and when I wiped, slight smudge of blood on the tp.
Maybe the metformin is helping things, OR, maybe this is going to be another annoying episode of spotting that leads to a whole bunch of nothing.
Really hoping it's the start of AF b/c yeah... I just need it to be so I can feel at least somewhat normal.

I don't have any of my usual pre-AF symptoms though. We'll see what happens.

OMG I was SOOOOO frickin tired this morning.

Last night, I think I got about 2 hours of continuous sleep before Zoe started waking up or fussing enough that I had to go check on her. In total, I probably got about 5 hour of sleep. What's bad is that I went to bed at 10... and she didn't wake wake until 5am. So it was ALL NIGHT LONG that I had to get up with her.
The thought of smacking DH with my pillow to wake him up did cross my mind a few times :P lol

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