Monday, February 25, 2013

Day One

So, today is day one and it's going well.
Did Just Dance for about 40mins. My first time playing it so yeah.. to say I wasn't any good is an understatement lol. I just hve no coordination :P
I would've played longer, but Zoe started to fuss. Life of Mommy I guess.

It's fun though and I'll do it again on Wed when I do cardio stuff again. Tomorrow is strength training stuff.

I'm SO out of shape but I gotta stick with this. Sigh.. I've said this all before, but hopefully this time I'll actually stick with it.
Would really love to be 10lbs lighter by the end of March.
And I managed to get a little bit of juice out of the dying battery in the scale and weighed myself. Not good! What I feared was correct.... almost 20lbs to get back under 200 again :( Damnit, why can't losing the weight be just as easy as gaining it???

I NEED to lose this weight if we're ever going to have more kids. Fat is my infertility and it needs to be addressed and corrected already.
I can't just keep sitting here hoping something will happen while I do nothing. While I would rather be doing anything other than exercising, I gotta do it. I want Zoe to have siblings and welp.... mommy needs to get her fat ass up and start working on it harder!!

Speaking of siblings.... I've been thinking about it a lot, and I think after we have 1, maybe 2 more. Depending on our financial situation and how we're feeling. I think I would like to adopt. I say this now, but who knows how I'll feel in the future about it.
Before having Zoe, I was really on the fence about adoption. Would I be able to love a child that didn't come from me or DH?
Thinking about it now though.... I think I would and there are so many kids out there that need loving homes. We'll see what happens. This won't be for a long long time though but just something to think about in the meantime.


Shari54 said...

Good for you and exercising! Even though doing it sucks, the way you feel afterwards is all worth it!

LisaL said...

Lol, thanks.
Yeah, Exercising does make you feel good. Feels good to know that you actually did it too. But just the before and during... yeah not so fun :P lol