Friday, February 22, 2013

Did I forget??

Zoe was developing a rash not too long ago b/c of pooing a lot. The poo with the constant wiping was causing her poor little booty cheeks to get all raw and red.

She had just gotten over her last rash/thrush not that long ago and both DH and I REALLY didn't want to have to go out and get disposables again. Nothing wrong with disposables, but we were feeling like that's all we were using after having to use them for I think 2weeks, give or a take a day.

Anywho, read online about rash creams that are OK to use with cloth diapers. Was thinking about getting some, but then I came across lots of CD moms saying they use coconut oil or olive oil on their baby when they get a rash.
Went out and bought olive oil (we usually have some but had run out), used it on her little butt (cotton ball dipped in it, then dabbed on the raw spots), and well... it worked.
It probably didn't heal the rash as quickly as a cream that has medicine or something in it, but it did help it. I think it healed up in a few days, maybe 3 or so. AND it didn't mess up the absorbancy of the diapers which was my concern.
I was paranoid and did an extra "stripping" wash. Just basically washed the clean & dried diapers again w/ some color safe bleach, and haven't had any problems with them leaking b/c of the oil.
So... WOOO! lol

Love cloth diapers!! Just wish we could finally use the larger ones!! While I do absolutely LOVE the Pure and Natural kawaii ones, it would just be nice to have a wider variety to use.... and not panicking b/c there are only 1 or 2 of those clean lol.
DD just doesn't have those chunk thighs so she leaks at the leg holes. Might try her in some tomorrow. See how it goes, but I'm sure we'll be dealing with a leak or 10.

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