Sunday, February 24, 2013


First up...

Poor Zoe could not get in a good nap today. My poor baby kept getting woken up since we came home from grocery shopping at 10:30 this morning.
In total, she probably only got maybe 30mins of nap time.

She got SUPER grumpy starting around 3pm and would not stay settled unless I sat next to her on the floor while she sucked on her pacifier and played with whatever toy she could reach lol. I didn't mind but my back sure did! hehe
I fed her some peas at 5:30, turned her towards the fish tank to keep her from fussing while I checked on dinner and washed dishes so I could give her a bath.

Everything was great. Washed the dishes, got all of her bath stuff ready, went to go get her...

Aww, look.. she loves those fish!
( the fish aren't swimming in a soup of algae, I swear lol.)

Wait.... awww, no. She just completely zonked out after eating.

I felt so bad having to wake her up lol. She had to get a bath and a bottle though.
She was ok being woken up, I gave her a nice warm bath (which she absolutely loves!), and a bottle, got her ready for bed after that and she went right to sleep.

Anywho, my sweet little baby girl. Love her so much!

So tomorrow is the day we start back on a healthier path.
We went completely crazy this weekend with the cheat food and good lord. We feel like CRAP. Upset stomachs, TERRIBLE gas that makes your nose burn lol, just an overall BLAH feeling.
We are not doing that again.

Anyway, DH made us both charts that has what we're doing on what days and leaves a space for us to write down what we did.
I'm gonna try out my new game tomorrow :D He set the Wii back up in the living room and I'm ready to get stupid!
Thank goodness it's only Zoe here to witness my spaztic moves. Hopefully she doesn't get distressed b/c she thinks I'm hurt or anything :P ROFL

Our scale battery is dead so can't weigh myself. Haven't weighed myself in a week or 2. Can't remember.
Kinda scared to do it actually b/c I know I've gained A LOT of weight back. I probably need to lose 20lbs just to get back to below 200 again.
We'll see what it is as soon as we get another battery.

I would really like to be down at least 10 lbs before the wedding at the beginning of April that we're going to. I know that's a pretty big goal though. Especially with how my body is trying to hold on to all of this jiggly fat.
Just gotta do my best and hope that I'll start losing something :)

Ok, so..... does anyone cosleep? Not the baby is in the room, but cosleep as in bedsharing?

Now, I can understand why parents would want to do this while the baby is still a baby. Easier to soothe etc etc.
It's not something for DH and I b/c we like our space and I just think it's dangerous, but whatever floats other people's boats... do it.
It makes me wonder though when I read these moms SO proud of cosleeping when their children are much older. Like 2, 3, 4+ years old.
WTF? I dunno, but I can't imagine that a husband would be happy with that arrangement?
A child coming in to sleep with you every once in a while, sure, that's totally fine and Im sure all kids do it, but... doing that every night??
Like I said, to each their own, but MAN, I can't imagine! lol

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