Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Forgot to update yesterday.

Zoe's 6m checkup went well.
She is 26.2 inches long, 16.4 lbs, and head circ is 42.6.
She's growing perfectly :)

She got 3 vaccinations and took them well. She always cries with the shots but it was only for a second and then she was fine.
Zoe really seems to love her ped. She started cracking up when the doctor was checking her nostrils lol.

It was recommended to me that we let Zoe cry during the night and hopefully self soothe herself back to sleep instead of me feeding her.
Sigh, I know I shouldn't have started doing it, but the thought of listening to her cry for who knows how long... BLEH! lol
And also, to put a few pacifiers in to her crib. That way we don't have to keep getting up to put one back in to her mouth and hopefully she will find one and do it and put herself back to sleep.

We were gonna start all of this last night, but Zoe sttn lol. She usually sleeps well after her vaccinations, so we'll see what happens tonight. It's gonna be rough for the next few days.
I'm not against crying it out, it's just difficult doing it.

Haven't had anymore bleeding or spotting or even light smudges. Not sure what that was about.

I've been getting some aching on my right ovary area. Maybe it's a cyst or a follicle. Who knows.

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lisabttc said...

Yay!! Go Zoe!!
Hmm, I wonder if you are going to ovulate! FX!