Wednesday, February 13, 2013

CIO sucks :(

Last night was the first time for it and boy did it SUCK!
It did work though. Zoe started fussing. I checked on her at first, got DH to check on her b/c I think she leaked (she did), and then after that..... yeah.
She started crying again. I went to check on her after about 2 minutes of it. DH of course had to object and I understand why, but I didn't want to hear it.
When I came back, he said something that just royally pissed me off. It wasn't that he was being mean or anything like that, it's just that I knew he was right and I just knew what needed to come next.
So... we let her cry. I'm not sure for how long. Think it was between only 10-15mins.
10-15mins of pure frickin torture. All of my instincts were to check on her after a couple of minutes but no.
I just kept getting more angry at DH even though he hadn't really done anything to deserve it. He rolled over and was trying to make the situation a bit lighter. He put his arm around me and I shoved it off.
Irrationally pissed off at him is saying it mildly. I almost started crying too b/c I wanted to go to her so bad.
Anyway, a few minutes after that.... and she went to sleep.
I gave it a few more minutes to see if she was going to start back up and then went and checked on her b/c I knew with all of that crying, she probably kicked her blanket off.
I'm sure DH wasn't happy that I went and checked, but I wasn't about to let her stay cold for the rest of the night if she was uncovered... which she was.
She was fast asleep though so, it worked.
I'm sure we're gonna have to do this a few more times before she gets the hang of soothing herself to sleep.
Still feeling bad for letting her CIO. It's weird b/c I don't mind it during the day so much. I've let her cry if she's resisting a nap with no problems. *shrugs*
Feeling really guilty for getting angry at DH too. Sigh.....

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Anonymous said...

Aww, that's tough :-( Hang in there sweetie! <3