Tuesday, February 19, 2013

First chance

First chance today I've gotten to come on and post! She has been keeping me busy all day! Especially the last few hours when she was clearly tired but didn't want to sleep. Got her 2nd wind and then got tired again. SIGH!
She's finally asleep now but probably won't be for long lol.

So what's been going on...

Her waking at night has become a lot better. I'll sometimes get woken by her fussing, but she's getting herself back to sleep within a minute.
She did wake really early this morning so I fed her, but it was technically sttn by the time she woke up and I knew feeding her would get me back to bed quicker :P lol

I'm still such a terrible sleeper though. You would think being tired all the time would help, but it doesn't. I get to sleep a lot quicker now. But that still means I could be laying in bed for 20mins instead of 30min-1hour.
I wake up ALL the time, and by around 3am, I'll wake up and can't get back in to a good deep restful sleep. I think my body got so used to waking up with her. Sucks but gotta just deal with it.

Lil Miss Zoe is going to be a handful when she becomes mobile. I can honestly say that while I can't wait for her to start crawling, I also dread it! lol
She already wants to get her hands on EVERYTHING which I'm sure is just natural for all babies, but I am so not used to that.
I find myself telling her to stop and saying "No" lol.

Bought myself Just Dance 3 for the Wii. Gotta get DH to set the Wii back up in the living room.
Can't dance for shit, but I'm gonna sweat my ass off doing it, hopefully literally.
It was only $20 on amazon so figured I'd just get it. Not that much money 'wasted' if I don't use it :P lol
Was thinking about getting the Zumba one, but reading what the songs are and not recognizing any of them... no. Even though I'm sure a lot of the Just Dance ones will be stuff I haven't heard of... at least I'll be able to understand them. I just don't speak Spanish and I like singing along damnit!
Anyway, I may try the Zumba thing eventually, just not right now.
So yep, FX that it helps with this weight problem.

Some photos of Zoe.
She is SO stinkin cute now. As soon as the camera comes out and she sees that red light come on she is all smiles for the camera. Such a ham :)

She is absolutely fascinated by our dog Cid. Future best friends :)

and video

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