Thursday, February 21, 2013

Well little Miss Fussy Face!

Boy, Zoe was just not having any of it today! Hardly any smiles for me until DH got home lol.
She always smiles more if you're not the one holding her. *shrugs*
She has terrible naps today too but that wasn't so bad.

She went right to bed b/c of it though so WOOT!

Oh and last night... not a single peep out of her the entire night!! YAY! She woke up at 6am which still kinda sucks, but I'll take that over waking multiple times any day!
FX that she sleeps well again tonight :D

I've been stuffing my face with as much junk food as I've been craving. And damnit, I do not feel guilty about it at all!!
Probably shouldn't be doing it, but meh. I'm getting back on the healthy train on Sunday.... until then, I'll have fun being bad MUAHAHA.


lisabttc said...

Yay Zoe!! I hope it keeps up!! FX!

Have fun and enjoy your junk food :-) Might as well live it up! :-)

Megan said...

Reagan has been fussy here lately too. She has also started doing cat naps during the day but sleeps good at night, so whatever floats her boat I guess.