Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Day 2

Did some strength stuff today.
Not sure how affective it all is though since I always have to stop to check on Zoe, but I did something at least. Has to be better than nothing.

I did squats, lifted light weights, wall pushups and hopped around to some music like an idiot hehe.
It was good though. Felt that burn.
Taking it easy to start with since I am so out of shape, but next week, I really need to step it up... A LOT. What I'm doing now is bare minimum.

Zoe's sleep has been a lot better.
She'll sometimes wake during the night, but it's her usual still asleep sort of cry and a pacifier solves it.
I have been getting up to give her her pacifier again. If she cries again (which has only happened once), then let her cry a little then go in a soothe her if she needs it.
But so far so good.
She actually slept in a bit later today. She usually wakes around 6am, but today she woke at 6:40 :D YAY!
It's crazy how excited you get for those extra minutes of sleep! ROFL

She is producing some tears now lol.
Thought she was before, but guess not? *shrugs*
It's def real now though. It's not full on tearful crying, but she'll have that glisten on the sides of her eyes.

Her poor booty is so red and raw. SIGH! Not sure what to do to keep it from happening again and again. We already use sensitive wipes, but I guess it must just be the rubbing that causes the problem. *shrugs*


Rian Eidson said...

Can you use corn starch with the cloth diapers? I use disposables, but whenever my son gets a really bad diaper rash I either mix the corn starch with his diaper cream or sprinkle it on his booty. It really helps! I hope she gets some relief soon!

LisaL said...

Hmmm, I'm not sure. I've never seen anyone mention it before. I'll look in to it further though. Thanks for the suggestion :)