Saturday, February 16, 2013

Night something...

Frickin lost track of how long it has been already.

Anywho, last night went FANTASTIC! I did get up to reinsert Zoe's pacifier twice, but after that I was done so let her fuss.
Well she did and only did it for maybe a minute or 2 before falling back to sleep. WOOO!

I remember her crying and fussing around 3 when she wake wakes, but she must've gone right back to sleep b/c I went back to sleep soon after too.

FX that Zoe won't even wake tonight, but if she does, let it be like last night!

Went out to dinner last night with inlaws.
Zoe saw her cousin again that she hasn't seen in a while, and WOW... I never realized just how small her cousin is.
SiL's girl is TINY. Seriously, Zoe is almost as big as her and she is 18m old now. I think Zoe is only 2lbs lighter too.
Anyway, Zoe was so cute and got SO excited to see her. It was adorable. Her cousin was excited too but kept stealing Zoe's pacifier lol. She doesn't actually use a pacifier, just like to play with it and chew on it :P lol
Zoe didn't care though. It was just so cute seeing them together. They are going to be so cute growing up with eachother. So glad they're close in age.

Now to just pop out a couple more!... yeah as if it's that easy for us. SIGH

On that note.... my body is still doing a whole lot of nothing other than GAINING weight. WTF???????
I haven't weighed myself in a while but did yesterday and I've frickin gained 2 damn pounds!!! WTH?
I can tell I've gained too in my face. My double chin is getting bigger :(
Anyway, no more dragging my feet. I'm gonna start exercising on Monday. Force myself to do something.

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