Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Sorry I've been MIA!!

Woah... for some reason some of my vids have gotten a lot more views. Wonder what that is about. Maybe from spam accounts or something. /shrugs

Anyway.. sorry I've been MIA. Just living life and doing stuff :P lol
Seriously though.. it's kind of same old same old.
Kids are finally NOT sick for once. I'm sure that will change soon enough.
Dogs are sick now though.....
Rocko was the first to get the hershey squirts... now it's my Ciddy Bears turn. Poor puppers.
Rocko really didn't act sick. Just kept crapping liquefied grossness everywhere (3 times in the house).
But my Cid.... poor little pup is old and sick so he's not acting too great. Hopefully he'll feel better soon.

I've been working on my aquariums lately. Can't remember if I mentioned that already.
Almost have my 125g tank clean. It was gross and neglected before. I managed to remove all the wood from it and clean off and put back in the pieces that I wanted back in there.
Cleaned the glass of the tank and a lot of the substrate. Still need to clean the substrate some more to really make sure that most of the nastiness has been removed but overall.. it looks a thousand times better than it did before.

I didn't get a before pic of when it was still all gross. Probably wouldn't have been able to see much anyway b/c the glass was so covered in algae and gunk.
This is what it looked like after 2 cleanings and big water changes.
Still a couple of spots that needed to be cleaned but Sooooooo much better.

Yesterday, I started on the 55 gal. It's a tank that used to be my mom's but she got rid of it and gave it to me. It's over 20 years old. It's eventually going to be taken down too. But it's staying up for now to be used as a quarantine tank for when we start getting more fish for the big tank.
Anyway.. yesterday... I started taking out a couple of the plants. I had just intended on taking a few out and maybe trying to catch a couple of the plecos in it to move to the big tank. But it turned in to me pulling up all but 2 of the plants and catching all of the plecos. lol
That tank was gross though. It was SO overgrown with an underwater moss that trapped all of the gross gunk in it.
I need to do a few more water changes in it before we start buying more fish. It currently only has one little platy in there. Don't want to move it to the big tank b/c I'm afraid the current fish in the big tank would pester it to death.
Anyway... here's the big tank now. Looks a bit scraggly with all the plants from the 55 in it.
I need to rearrange just a little and I'm getting a few more plants in the mail this week.
DH surprised me and let me buy some new LED lights for it. Should be getting that next week :D
I'm so excited to get back in to the hobby.
It's not a cheap hobby, but it will be nice to have a big beautiful tank again.
I just can't get lazy with it like I did before.

I let the kids play outside the other day. Think it was Saturday.
Our water bill is going to be SO high! lol
Worth it though :)

And finally for now.
Kids start gymnastics tomorrow!! So excited for it. Need to wash Zoe's leotards. She could just wear shorts and a shirt though. They don't have a dresscode or anything other than no shoes in the gymnastics area.
Really hope they both enjoy it and really hope Ezra behaves while they're in their classes. Also hoping they both behave while they wait too. Oren's is first, then Zoe's.
I know she's gonna be super anxious so go start her class when we get there lol.

Oh yeah.. diet was a bit blah this weekend, but it's back on track now :)
I'm not letting some minor setbacks get me back in to poor food choices.
Cheats are gonna happen, but that's part of this whole process and I'm done disappointing myself.
This time next year... I'm gonna be thinner and I'm not going to look back and wish I had stuck with it.

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