Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Rebellious toddlers

Oren is driving me crazy with his Nuh Uhs and Nos and ..... just UGH I don't think so child.
He tries to do the passive aggressive slug flop on to the ground now too and that crap isn't gonna work little dude.
His temper also makes him toss/throw stuff when he gets upset. Yeah.. not gonna fly. If I catch him doing it, I make him pick it up and put it up. He tried pulling that crap with me and then he ran off to scream/cry. Nope.. off to bed with you to take a nap... or cry in your crib until I feel like getting you out of it.

10mins later:

Thankfully he went to sleep.

He can be so warm and snuggly and adorable, but when he gets in to one of his toddler moods... cover your ears and muster up as much patience as you can lol.

Ezra has his 9m appointment this afternoon. I'm sure he's getting more shots. He always seems to do well with them so I'm not too worried. Just worried that DH wants me to take him. Ha.. nope. I spend all day with the kids.. he can take them to their appointments.

He cut one of his front teeth :D I'm sure the one next to it will be through soon. Overall, he's been pretty ok with teething.
A few nights of being restless, but overall he's handling it great. Thank goodness!

He's also getting up on to his knees finally. He hasn't figured out getting on to all 4's so he steadies himself by using his head pressed up against the floor lol.
I'm sure he'll get it soon though :)

Frickin puppy and the chihuahua do not get a long.
The puppy is a typical high energy puppy and he's hard headed too. We get him to stop pestering the chihuahua when we see it happen, but we don't always catch it.
The chihuahua is your typical chihuahua with a complex and has started to guard his food b/c he doesn't eat it all in one go and gets distracted so the other dogs and even the cat will come along and eat the rest of his food. Well he doesn't like it when the puppy does it so will snap at him. Puppy had enough of that one day and pinned the chihuahua on the floor. Didn't hurt him and didn't look like he was trying to bite him, but it was definitely a show of dominance.
We of course separated them ASAP.
Sigh.. just frustrating. They're both good dogs in their own way and hopefully the chihuahua will come around.
Our other doggo plays with him now. He'll get annoyed too and will put the pup in his place, but thankfully he's come around and has accepted him.

The cat also can't stand the puppy and will start growling and hissing at him. For some reason that just annoys the crap out of me. I could see if the pup deserved it... which he does sometimes, but not just walking by.

I think once Rocko calms his butt down some, the other 2 will accept him more :)

Just so tired right now. Just went to the bathroom and wiped away a couple of small globs of dark brown grossness. So yeah... think maybe my period may be starting soon which would explain why I'm so damn tired.

Thankfully my cold is finally letting up and I'm not coughing so much, but the kids are starting to get sick so I'm sure I'll be sick again in a couple of weeks. SIGH!
Need to just lysol everything and hope we kill this cycle of sickness.

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