Thursday, May 11, 2017

I made a mistake!

So.. b/c I'm PMSing.. I've become a bottomless pit. Or well... it feels like it at least.
So yesterday.. I ate... and ate... and ate some more. Welp, there is a bottom and I hit it. I hit it HARD and painfully!
I felt totally fine before dinner.
Dinner was just a fruit smoothie as we decided to do on Wednesday nights since DH and Zoe have Awana to go to.
I felt fine eating the smoothie.
5 mins after the smoothie and I am doubled over in painful stomach cramps.
It's like everything I had eaten was still in my stomach and the smoothie came in and just congealed it on in to a giant ball of suck.
Holy crap the pain.
I'm still in pain today too. Not cramping thankfully, but my stomach hurts to press down on and I'm pretty sure I can feel where this giant turd is currently at in my intestines b/c I will sometimes get a wave of pain from specific spots.
I dunno WTF happened with all of this.. but it was a huge mistake to give in to my pms hormonal need for feed.

I didn't learn anything though b/c here I sit... eating eating eating some more today.
I just can't help it. Even though my stomach still hurts.. I'm HUNGRY.
I did down a glass of water w/ miralax in it so I'm hoping it helps to get all of this out of me. I would take an actual laxative if we had some.
Wish we had prunes b/c I'd eat some of those too.

Do not expect my weigh in tomorrow to be good, but we'll see I guess. Sigh. I just want to poop.

Just got word from DH that we finally got an email back from gymnastics and they're going to have an opening in the time slot we wanted in June. Geeze. Well.. better late than never I guess.
Just have to make sure the time for Oren is still open and then confirm that we want the spot :D
I already ordered her 2 leotards and 2 shorts to go with them. Will be getting those soon.
So excited for her to start.
Yesterday she got on the floor and.. I didn't know WTH she was doing, but she just had this sheepish smile on her face as she kind of tried to do a split and she said she was "doing gymnastics" lol. Awwwwww
She's so excited to start and I can't wait until she does :D

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