Friday, August 11, 2017

1 year old!

So... Ezra is now one. Can't believe it's been a year already! Feels like just yesterday that I was pregnant with him.
Gosh time flew by.
Took him to his 12m appointment yesterday and his ped heard a heart murmur :(
I knew something was wrong when she was taking a bit longer checking his heart beat.
She didn't seem too concerned with it, but I'm sure that's just her training kicking in to not show any worry so the parents don't freak out, but yeah.. I freaked out internally.
We're supposed to be getting a call from a cardiologist to get him an ultrasound done to check him out. Please don't let it be anything serious :(

He's perfect though. Demanding little turd lol, but he's adorable and such a happy little long as he's not hungry lol.
He's been kind of self weaning off of formula. He only gets around 4 bottles a day now and much prefers normal food.
Just having a problem getting him to drink from a sippy cup. Need to find one that he likes so we can completely ditch the bottle.

I love the serious picture. Every time I see it.. I always hear that one song.. "Hello Darkness, My old friend...." rofl

He desperately needs a haircut. I'm gonna miss his hair though whenever that happens :( It's so crazy and awesome.

Zoe did a kindergarten sneak peak yesterday. She seemed to have fun.
Not sure how much fun she'll have when she needs to wake up before 7 though. Hell.. same here. Can't wait for her to start though. Make friends, learn, just get out of the house instead of being cooped up in here all day every day.

That's it for now. Just wanted to post about Ezra before I forgot to update.

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