Thursday, May 18, 2017

Sick gross nasty!

That's been the theme in this house the last couple of days lol.

Thankfully this stomach bug has been pretty mild for the kids. Poor Oren has gotten it again? Or it didn't completely go away for him just yet. He's acting totally normal.. just has disgusting poop and threw up on his bed again. Gross poop that leaked out. BLEH!

I hope I don't get sick too. Thankfully I've avoided it for now. I'm sure all of the extra hand washing I've been needing to do has helped.

Diet is going well, but I dunno if my weigh in tomorrow will reflect it since I still have the appetite of a starving elephant.

I'm finally going to try to exercise today. Just something light.
Saw someone post a video for beginners yoga that I'm going to try out.
I am still spotting right now.
Stupid period can't make up it's mind if it wants to continue or stop.
Really really hoping that when I do start losing more weight... this fixes.
Would love nice predictable periods.
Grr, my stupid weak nails keep breaking! And breaking too low. WTH??
Trying to keep my right pinky nail from coming completely off right now b/c it broke down super low. Just one day.. felt a bruise like pain coming from the finger and noticed the break. It just needs to grow out a little more then I'll clip it.
Sigh.. so much for having nice pretty long strong nails.

Ezra still isn't crying but he's rolling on to his stomach all the time... and then spinning in place lol.
It's funny but also annoying b/c he hasn't figured out that he can roll back to his back so he gets upset during the night and starts fussing until we go in to his room and roll him back over lol. Lazy child!

And yep... nothing much has really happened this week. Just dealing with sick kids and trying not to get sick myself.
I did manage to clean the carpets on Monday... but you sure as heck wouldn't be able to tell I did any cleaning with how messy it already is. I don't know how they do it. lol

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