Thursday, May 4, 2017

How... HOW??

I cleaned up and now?? Doesn't even look like I bother cleaning... EVER.
How on earth do 2 little children... so small.... so innocent? Create so much damn chaos???
And then we're gonna have a 3rd joining in on the fun soon. UUUUUGH!
I'm not even cleaning shit right now. I don't feel like it b/c I had to wake up early again today so F it. F the mess. It's not going anywhere.
Oh it's driving me bonkers looking at it, but it can wait. I just don't have the motivation to do anything about it right now.

I'm still horking up a lung. Not as much but still as violently as before. I pee myself so much. It's only a little bit, but little bit.... a lot... it's still too much.

It's supposed to get to 65 degrees tomorrow. WTF nature?? Now... I'm not complaining that it's getting cool. I love that part... but still... WTF?? Make up your GD mind. It was 90 when we went to the fair this past weekend!
Hopefully my garden will be ok. It should be, but they may slow down their growth some since the temp will be cool for the next few days.
Hey.. good for us though. Can open up the windows and enjoy some nice weather before it gets Satan's ballsack hot.

You know how FB has that share past memories thing? I shared one when Oren was a little baby. Feels like a thousand years ago.
He was such a cute ass little baby!
Don't get me wrong, he's a cute ass little toddler now lol, but OMG his cheeks when he was a bebeh were so squishy cute!
/cry I'm already missing the baby stage and Ezra is still in it :(
I'm going to miss the super chunky baby-ness. The baby babble. The pure innocence and cuteness. Sigh....

Diet is going well.
I did get SUPER hungry yesterday at dinner. It was b/c we had smoothies. Smoothies rarely fills me up.
Oh it's delicious, but not filling.
So I snacked on what I could... which wasn't much. Boo :(
Fixed some yummy fatty BBQ pork ribs for lunch. Could only eat a few of them b/c they're so fatty and heavy on the stomach.
About to go eat a pickle b/c I'm still feeling a bit blah from the fattiness just sitting in my stomach.
It was good though. :D

Tonight is going to be some left over sriracha chicken breast with salad. Yum yum :D

Hoping pineapple is on sale somewhere this week. Been craving some for a few days now.
We bought 2 a few weeks ago, but they go bad so quick. Or well.. the ones we bought did. Boo :(

I think that's it for now.
DH emailed back the HOA saying he was going to put siding on his shed so they approved our application. Morons. He was already planning on putting wooden siding on it (one of the HOA requirements for the shed) and painting it to be the same color as the house. Dunno why that's not enough.
He said he's going to just go ahead and do that, but knowing him, he's probably going to just do the siding.
I'm sure he's just happy to finally be able to get it started already. We have 2 months to get it up from the time it's approved and he wants to do it all himself.
He's got his work cut out since he's never built anything like that before lol.

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