Friday, May 5, 2017

Playdoh... UGH!!!

So, it was nice out yesterday so I let the kids play out back for a little bit. Zoe spotted the playdoh that we bought for Oren's birthday and wanted it. Ok.. they're going outside so.. it's all good right?
Yeah.... I knew... I knew it was going to be brought in and it sure was.
There are now chunks of playdoh everywhere. Small pieces ground in to the carpet that will never be gotten up again.
I HAD to clean up yesterday b/c I had to vacuum up as much as possible before too much got stuck in the carpet. Sigh....
But hey... it's clean-ish now so that's good. :D
There are already toys and mess on the floor... so it was nice while it lasted I guess..... sigh.

My official weigh ins are going to be Friday mornings I think. I don't want to wait until tomorrow or Sunday to do it since of the cheat dinner. I know that's going to cause me to gain some bloat back temporarily so I want to weigh before cheating.

This morning... I was down to 219.6
Woot :)
Still hoping to start exercising on Monday, but this cough is being stubborn as shit and not wanting to leave.
It's not as juicy as before thankfully so FX I keep getting better.

It's pretty crazy though. I can already see an actual difference in my stomach. I mean.. I still look like I'm pregnant, but not AS pregnant ;) hehe
Just have a great feeling that adding in exercise will definitely help get even better results. So pumped and ready!

DH and I were pining for some carby food though. Like creamy macaroni salad. Yum that sounds so good lol. Lol.. that's kinda funny. We're not craving sweets... we just want the carbs. All the carbs!! :P
I think we could probably share some popcorn every once in a while and still be on track. We'll see :)

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