Monday, May 15, 2017

It's 4am

And I'm in the living room and Zoe is on the couch sleeping.
Why? B/c she crawled in to bed with us... and threw up all over my back. Lol.. poor girl.
She was sick this morning too.
Thought she had gotten over it but I guess whatever caused earlier is still in her system.
I need to clean the carpets. I know these nasty dirty ass carpets aren't helping matters. Kids playing all over the spots that the dog has messed on. We spray the spots and clean up as best we can, but I still need to get the carpet cleaner out later.

So yeah..... fun times....

Mother's day was like any other here. I didn't have to cook which was a plus lol.
We went to inlaws for dinner. They did a shrimp boil which was really good.
Ate too many carbs today, but meh.. I'm not going to worry about it.
An extra cheat isn't going to derail me from losing weight :D

Didn't get anything though. I'm not one to expect flowers or anything expensive or some shit, but it would've been nice if DH actually tried to get the kids to make me something... or get a card for them to scribble in for me. Oh well... not a big deal and have lots more mother's days to get some homemade goodies from the kids :)

Uuuugh.... I'm already feeling like a zombie. Today is going to be a struggle.
The life of mom....

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