Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Well that explains a lot.

I guess my period is starting.
Started spotting brown yesterday and it's gotten a little heavier today. Still just spotty and still brown which is kind of gross. I mean it doesn't smell or anything.. that would be a whole other problem and issue I'd need to call a doctor about lol. It's just kind of gross when you see that old brown blood coming out.

Boy... I share a lot huh ;) lol

Ezra is great. He got one shot yesterday and from the sounds of it... his doctor isn't that concerned about not crawling yet, but will be if he's still not crawling by 12m which I'd be concerned with too. Said that they would do some kind of tests then if he still wasn't crawling and/or walking by then.
I don't think we have anything to worry about. I think with doing more tummy time now, he'll be crawling soon. He still doesn't like tummy time a lot but we're doing it a lot more.

He's 20lbs, 28 1/2 inches, and his head is 46.5. Him and Oren both have HUGE craniums lol.

zoe <--- zoe types that out lol

Crap.. I forgot what else I wanted to talk about. Dangit!

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