Friday, May 12, 2017

My garden!

Just a quick post.....
My garden is doing... pretty well.
I wish these rogue tomato plants hadn't completely taken over my peppers, but they're doing well and I can't argue with getting more tomatoes :D

It's holding up pretty good though so far.
The weather has gotten back to being hot so I'll have to water a lot more often, especially when they get bigger.
Already picked off 2 tiny caterpillars. Not hornworm thankfully, but still little bastards that could do damage.
I can't wait to have a successful garden again!

Zoe and Oren start their gymnastics class June 1st! WOO! DH called them last night and put them on the list. YAY :D
I'm so excited for them. I really hope they enjoy it. Would love for them to stick with it too. Not to be professional or anything, but mostly for the fitness and socialization.

My weight this morning is officially 219.4
So yeah.... a slight loss, but I'll take it. I thought it was going to be a few pounds gained with how bloated I am.
I'm probably less than this b/c I can still feel all of that food and waste in there taking its sweet time coming out. Oh well.... 219.4... I will gladly take it :D

I still don't know what the hell I ate to cause this. Maybe it's just hormonal that is causing it. /shrugs

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