Monday, May 8, 2017

Is it the weekend yet?

Can't leave the backdoor open any longer.Not sure if Ezra got out on his own or if he had a little help from Oren, but I suddenly hear a couple of thumps immediately followed by Ezra crying.
I don't think I've ever gotten up as quick as I did. I rushed to the back door and he's at the bottom of the porch, upside down in his walker. My heart stopped.
He scraped under his chin and his leg a little bit, but he's fine other than that.
He's never been able to get over the lip that leads outside so just never thought twice about him going to the back door.
Sigh.... I feel so horrible about it and this could've ended so much worse.
Seriously lucky that he didn't hurt himself more. And thank goodness that it is only 2 steps down.


Zoe has slept in her bed for 3 nights. Last night she came in to our bed at around 330. I did kinda miss her. I loved not being on the edge of the bed constantly but I did miss the snuggles. She's not normally snuggly and doesn't really like hugs, so I take what I can get from her lol. She's only going to be this little for so long. Gotta enjoy it before it's too late.. ya know?
I can sacrifice some bed space if it means I get to snuggle with my baby girl :)

Oren is going to give me a heartattack too. Well.. that's if my head doesn't explode from the whining first.
He was out back.. on top of the picnic table with Rocko... the puppy. WTH?
Him and Zoe always get on top of that table and start playing around and UUUUUUGH... I hate it. I always tell them to get down but back up they go when I'm not looking.

He's just starting to get colors. He mostly says blue, but he'll repeat the color word if we say it to him. So darn cute!

Still no word from the gymnastics place. DH said they said the end of May. BLEH! Was hoping it would be sooner, but oh well... end of May is at least something. Just keeping FX that she will get in to that time slot so we can finally get them in all of it.
Zoe needs more interactions with authority figures and children and Oren just needs more social interactions that isn't just us.
I'm just happy that Zoe isn't really shy. She can get shy, but she's not like how I was. I was painfully shy and still am actually lol.
Just don't want that for my kids. Want them to be able to be social and make lots of good friends.

Guess that's all for now. I'm so tired that I can't remember if there was something else I wanted to mention. It's only Monday and I'm already looking forward to this weekend.... sigh.

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