Saturday, May 30, 2015


Ok so this is about to get real for a minute.

I love my cousin with all of my heart. Not including my brother and mom, she's the only other family member that I really care about, BUT... I just don't get it.

Her dad died a while ago (think it's been somewhere between 10-15y now) and he was not a good man.. especially to her and there she is on FB saying how much she misses him and wishes he was still here? What?? I just want to ask her WHY? With all of the abuse he put her through.. and I'm talking some seriously BAD shit to the point of her secretly buying a padlock for her door one day and then installing it while he wasn't home so she could lock herself in her room to keep away from him.
And he didn't just limit his abuse to her... myself and a few of her friends were also victims... which she knows about.
And here she is acting like he was a fucking angel. Are you kidding me???

I am not ashamed to say that I smiled.. yes SMILED when I learned that he had died. He was not a good guy. If people knew the extent of his evil, they would've strung him up and beat him to a pulp.

Just UGH..... I don't get it. That piece of shit is better in the ground where he belongs. Why? B/c it means that he can never, ever hurt someone else, especially her kids or anyone elses.

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