Sunday, May 24, 2015

Just relaxing

DH and Zoe are at church.... Oren is snoozing next to me and here I am... just chillin before I have to pump again.

Zoe woke up at 5am this morning. Brought her to bed with us again and she went right to sleep. Made sure to put her more on DH's side this time LOL. She ended up diagonal but still mostly on his side ;) hehe
She didn't wake up until after 7am. Not sure when exactly b/c I kept dozing in and out. My hips were killing me so the pain kept waking me up *grumble*
Thankfully DH and Zoe both let me sleep in a little. DH got up around 7 or so, Oren started fussing so I got up and took him to DH and went back to bed lol.
I had to get up at 4am to pump. I got up b/c I had to pee. Laid back down but my boobs started to ache like crazy and I couldn't ignore it so had to pump. Oren was still asleep, so I ended up pumping in the dark. Do not like doing that. I like seeing what I'm getting out, if I need to adjust a little so my nip isn't rubbing the sides, etc etc.

I've been using a ton of lanolin lately. Been smearing it on before I pump and it's helped some. I've still been getting rubbed raw spots though that hurt. Wish the pain would just stop already. I would like to pump longer than I did with Zoe but with the way it's going and how sensitive my milk supply is... I doubt it will.

We got Zoe her little toy yesterday. Nothing big or anything, just a small Lalaloopsy baby thing for $7something. We gave her the choice of one of the smaller ones or a slightly larger one, but she liked the small one heh.
We saw a lot of stuff we'd love to get her for her birthday and Christmas though :)

Not sure if I've mentioned this before, but I have some dark dark pits.

Apparently.... being Asian, having hypothyroidism, having insulin problems and I'm sure hormonal crap from PCOS all can cause dark underarms... nevermind that they did get darker when I was pregnant too.
It would've been a damn miracle if I hadn't of gotten dark pits.

Anyway, I've been looking up ways to try to lighten them up. I really don't want to use any kind of cream while I'm pumping b/c I don't want anything to get absorbed in to the breastmilk... so I'm using some Dove deodorant. Too lazy to get up and see what it's called exactly, but supposedly it's supposed to help even out the skin tone in the area. I just got it yesterday and used it, so we'll see if it does do anything.
Would really like to be able to wear tank tops and not be so self conscious about my underarms.
And I'm not talking about just slightly off color... no these things are DARK DARK DARK. Like I've been using charcoal as my deodorant. :\

So, while I am looking forward to starting our healthier low carb diet... I'm SO excited to try out this homemade ice cream sandwich recipe :D It's not that homemade. Just takes cake mix, mixes it a certain way to make 'cookies' and you assemble everything once it's all done. Desserts are just so fun to make :)

Will be taking that along w/ the Alton Brown blueberry pound cake tomorrow. While that's going to just be filled with lots and lots of FoxNEWS (ugh)... I really enjoy the kids hanging out with their family :) We all have our flaws, but giving and showing love is not one of them.


sarah said...

been reading your blog for a couple weeks. do you have an asian store nearby? they sell skin lighting stuff way cheaper than if you go to sephora. i didn't know hypothyroidism caused dark skin too. I'm white and haven't had many issues. before i was taking metformin and levo i had darker patches around neck but that's it. i notice i'm starting to get the "pregnancy mask". oh well! it's hard to eat good. all the "bad" things are so yummy.

LisaL said...

Thanks for reading my ramblings :D
We have a couple of Korean food markets here, but that's it. They do sell a few non-food related items but I don't think I've ever seen beauty items.
I'll have to look closer the next time we go though. Thanks for the tip :)

Yeah, I had no idea it could cause dark skin either. Of course some might get it some might not. Mine could be from that or could be from something else entirely. Who knows.