Sunday, May 17, 2015

Not so bad...

So, antibiotics for Zoe is about the same. Well, she's not struggling AS much but she's still crying, screaming, and tries spitting it out during. She gets over it quicker now though which. well.. at least there's that.
She's so getting a nice big toy after all of this lol.
Her rash isn't as red any longer. Still feels all rough and bumpy but not nearly as bad as it was. It's weird feeling her back or torso. Just doesn't feel like skin b/c it's so bumpy and dry feeling. Exactly like a really fine sandpaper. So weird.
Other than the rash though... she's still my Zoe and she's not contagious anymore so yay.
OH! We had NO POOP yesterday from her! WOOOOOOOOOOO lol
I'm just hoping that her poops from now on are more turdy now. Pls pls be more turdy!

Bathing suit shopping is so damn annoying when you're a big girl.
No, I don't want my tits falling out of a top.
Please make the tankini top long enough to cover up the fat.
How about making the straps a little thinner b/c ya know.. us fat asses don't like huge tan lines either.
And how about offering more than bikini bottoms or super short tight short swim bottoms that might as well be bikini bottoms. Make them loose and make them frickin longer!
I know they do make those and carry a few in the store and guess what, they're ALWAYS out b/c that's what women frickin want!!!
I did buy a top from Target yesterday, but I don't like it. It was just the lesser of the suckiness. It hugs my fat stomach a bit too well... no hiding the rolls in this thing :\
Want to go to Kohls to see what they have. Looked online and they look to have more flattering tops that I want to check out. I wanted to return the Target one if I found something else and told DH this, but he wasn't paying attention (as usual) and washed it already. Oops.

Anyway.... I still need some bottoms. Will have to order some online since stores are always out. Walmart has some good cheap ones. Doubt the ones I have even fit still. They were tight before so I can imagine that I won't even be able to fit in them now. Depressing but I'm confident and determined that that's only a temporary setback :)

Oren is doing well.
Few nights he's been sleeping longer at night. His waking time is usually at 3, but a couple of nights he's woken up at 4:30.
Maybe he'll be sleeping through soon.
He's so darn cute... our hearts melt whenever he smiles.

My milk supply is still all wonky. Seemed to be going back to normal for a few days, then there were 2 nights when Oren woke up later and of course just that little bit screwed it up b/c my boobs are fickle bitches. So yeah, the next 3 or so days will be trying to get it back up to where it was... sigh.

Anywho... I gotta take a shower while Oren snoozes. I'm sure as soon as I strip down, he'll wake up and start crying lol.

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