Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Day 1... finally

Day 1 and I am so ready for this!

Memorial day went down pretty much how I expected. Went over to the inlaws... lots of loud noises, lots of food.
I ate WAY too much sweet stuff and metformin made me pay the price for it.
Woke up last night feeling nauseated. I knew what was going to happen since it had happened before, but I fought it for as long as I could. Finally had to get up and throw up though. Always so fun and hoping it won't happen again now that I'm eating better.

Anyway, fixed some kimchi soup for lunch and fixing slow cooker beef broccoli for dinner. It's a new recipe so no idea how it's going to turn out. Smells really good though.

Speaking of the cook out... UGH.
First... Zoe has bug bites ALL over her. I'm sure it's from fleas. Oh they have money to go to the beach every other month, but apparently not enough to get their dogs some damn flea medication. So pissed off about that but whatever.

Then.. there's this little boy that was there. He's DH's grandfather's great nephew. Anyway... he's 2yo and he very clearly has something wrong with him. I think it's going to end up being diagnosed as autism, but it could just be a development delay. He only says 2 words, the rest is either shrieks/screams or "EEEEEEEEEE".
I know he can't help the way he is, but his family could do something about his behavior. He was purposely ramming buggies in to people's feet. Purposely throwing shit everywhere and at everyone... including his great grandmother while she was holding Oren. Yeah, that pissed me off b/c they didn't do shit about it except for scolding him mildly.
I just don't have the patience for other people's kids.. especially when they're little terrors and those that should be doing something about it, don't.

Oren is in one hellava mood today. Happy one minute and screaming inconsolably the next.
This mommy has a big headache coming and needs some Tylenol.

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