Tuesday, May 5, 2015


So, maybe expecting such big weight loss while pumping isn't realistic. I know people say breastfeeding makes you lose SO much weight, but I'm up a pound this morning. Not good.
I've actually been eating less now that we've been eating better. Not starving myself by any means, just not snacking since there aren't that many healthy type of snacks... so how the hell did I just gain weight?
Only thing I can think of is it's b/c of the pumping.
I know my hormones are still all screwy b/c my face and arms are broken out w/ acne... lovely. So.. I dunno.
Maybe I should stop trying to lose until I've stopped pumping. I'll still be eating better of course, but maybe just not as strict or worried about being so strict.
We'll see what happens. Will wait until Friday to make a decision.. not that it's going to be some huge thing or anything but just one less thing to worry about for now... although it will make my Christmas goal harder to reach.

Zoe woke up at 6am again... BUT, we didn't go check on her (I was trying to get back to sleep and DH was just out of the shower), and she ended up making herself another nest on the floor and falling back to sleep until 8!! WOOOOOO lol
OMG that was so nice. I was snuggling with Oren and those extra hours of sleep were so nice... even though my boobs were killing me lol.

Her butt and girly bits look a lot better today. So glad for that. Poor girl has some really delicate skin. Just keeping my fingers crossed that she doesn't have another nasty poop today. If she does.. not even going to bother wiping, just going to get her in the shower.

Really want to make a playhouse for Zoe. But make it from wooden pallets. Just have to find someplace that gives them away or sells them for super cheap. I think we could make her something really cute.
We really need to get a patio and DH really needs to get his shed. We'll probably end up getting the shed this year and a patio next year. I'll have to talk to DH about it to see what his plan was.

Anywho... hoping today goes better than yesterday did.

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