Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mother's Day

I know I'm a day early but meh.
Still can't believe it's already this time of the year. Man, it's going by quick. Heck, the neighborhood pool is opening on Wednesday!! The year is not slowing down, that's for sure.
Still need to get a new bathing suit. Probably have to get bigger than I have.
Was looking for some capris to wear the other day and my smaller size ones that I used to be able to wear are inches from being buttoned.... INCHES. UGH!!
It's not that surprising since I'm about 15lbs heavier than when I was wearing them, but still... that sucked.

My weight was down a pound yesterday morning, but it's just going all over the place, but staying steady. I guess steady is better than gaining, but it's frustrating and concerning. While I like that my body can provide milk for Oren... I'll be happy to stop pumping so hopefully my body will lose weight like it should.
I'm going to have to start exercising too if I even want a chance at reaching any weight loss by Christmas. I know that's dramatic, but with how willing my body is to hold on to weight... it's not that far fetched.

I'm sure the stress of having 2 LOs isn't helping anything either. Zoe is getting in to EVERYTHING. A swat to the butt does nothing to deter her either. Oh, she'll cry for a minute, but the next she'll be right back to causing chaos.

Speaking of... just had to pause this for 30min to keep Zoe from digging in to her dirty wipes/diaper garbage, then clean her up b/c she found a lollipop somewhere (no idea) so she got all sticky.
Also took the opportunity to give Oren a bath.
Baby boy has been super sweaty and stinky.

Anyway... just the usual stresses of being a mommy.

My milk is still hurting. Lucky to get 2oz every 2hrs and that's with a hell of a lot of massaging. Heck, yesterday I got 1.5oz...... just frustrating.
Eh.. whatever.. it sucks but gotta make due with what I can get.

Tomorrow is going to be like any other though except that I won't have to cook dinner. I'm cool with that.

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