Wednesday, May 20, 2015

What now dangit

I'm spotting. I dunno if this is going to turn in to a period or just wonky ass hormones causing it.
Could be b/c I've been having to pump for longer to try to keep my supply up.
Whatever... it's something I can't control so yeah.. just whatever.

Found a few low carb meals I'll be trying out next week. Yay Pinterest! lol
I have no imagination when it comes to cooking so yay internet for being creative for me! :D
A lot of it seemed to be Mexican based though. Mexican food isn't bad or anything, but I need more variety. I did save a one pot thing though that looks really good.

Before then though... yay Alton Brown for a yummy blueberry pound cake. Also want to try this easy homemade icecream recipe I saw. :P lol

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