Tuesday, May 12, 2015

What now baby girl?

I swear, poor Zoe can't catch a break right now.
So I managed to feel her gums yesterday and honestly still can't really tell if she's teething or not.
She pooped a total of 3 times yesterday. First was diarrhea, 2nd time looked like her normal turd that got smooshed everywhere, 3rd time was again, diarrhea.
She was ok for the first 2, but the last one brought along all of the kicking and screaming again.
DH got her some pedialyte to help with any kind of dehydration issues she might be having.

Anyway... so yesterday, she took it upon herself to get out of her PJ top and get another one. I put the new shirt on her and that was that until she started sucking on the shirt and getting it completely soaked with slobber.
That's when the bumpy rash started to appear on her entire torso and upper back. It doesn't seem to be bothering her at all.
She does have one scratch on her chest, but it doesn't look like she made it. She has no nails (she bites them) so there's no way she did it.
I thought maybe it was from all of the saliva from her shirt, but it definitely didn't go down that far on her and nothing on the back either.

She's acting totally normal. She hasn't had a fever this entire time and other than the pedialyte, we haven't given her anything out of the ordinary.

Oren has his 2m appointment tomorrow so we'll get the doctor to take a look at Zoe then and hopefully get some answers. Just want my baby girl to be ok.

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