Thursday, May 14, 2015

Come on already....

So we gave Zoe one dose of her meds last night and she was not having any of it. We got it flavored but apparently, it was the wrong one bc she hates it.
We have to give it to her twice a day and this morning was a battle. We had to hold her down and slowly squirt the stuff in to her mouth while holding her nose so she'd actually swallow it instead of spitting it out (like she had done w/ the first attempt).

I hate having to do it this way. I feel so terrible and feel like we're traumatizing her and we sill have 10 more days of this shit :(

And DH is no help w/ his patience. He needs to get his act together already and remember that Zoe is 2. She doesn't understand that this nasty tasting shit is going to make her better. She just knows she hates it and that we're forcing her to take it. She's TWO... she's not going to understand reason.
Same with her little butt.... it's still pretty sore and apparently she wouldn't let him wipe her this morning so he had to put her in the bath to wash her off. He brings her in the room all angry and cursing.
I get the frustration b/c I definitely experience it too, but take a breath and stop being an asshole. Suck it up and realize that again... your daughter is only 2yo. Her butt hurts her... she doesn't understand yet that we need to wipe her off so it doesn't get worse.

I have to keep reminding him this, but he lets his impatience and frustration get the better of him.
Don't want to make DH out to be a bad guy or anything b/c lord knows I'm not perfect myself and have had a few not so pleasant moments. He really is a wonderful daddy. He just needs to stop expecting our toddler to act like a reasonable understanding adult. lol

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