Thursday, May 14, 2015

Just.. 16 more to go

16 more doses of the antibiotics....... ugh. I hate hate hate giving her the meds. Wish she would just take them, but of course it can't be that easy. Why can't they just make medicine for kids that tastes good to them. Pick 3 flavors and that's it... perfect those flavors and then voila... no more kids fighting their parents tooth and nail when it comes time to take them.

Poor Zoe. She's still acting fine. Her rash has spread to her legs now and definitely all over her arms and torso.
Her bum is still hurting her too but thankfully the raw spots are only small little area so it's not as bad changing her. Well it still is, but she's not screaming from pain, just squirming around everywhere.
UGH, this needs to get better quicker b/c this is so damn stressful.

I dunno if it was the stress or what but I was HUNGRY today. I ate ate and ate some more.
I'm usually not an emotional eater, but I'm certainly turning in to one it seems.

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