Sunday, May 3, 2015


Friday was ROUGH.
Oren fighting off this minor cold made him SUPER grumpy. If he wasn't eating, he was screaming and crying b/c he was tired.
Add in Zoe getting in to everything and then getting all grumpy b/c she was tired.... just UGH. I was so worn down and just beaten by the time DH got home.
Thankfully MiL and aunt agreed to watch the kids on Saturday so DH and I could go see The Avengers.
I REALLY needed that break. It was just a few hours but it was nice.

Oren is better... not totally over the cold. You can tell when he cries that his voice is a little hoarse.

Want to do something for Zoe today though. Like go to the park and let her feed the ducks and just run around. Wanted to go strawberry picking but they're not open today... boooo.
We'll see what happens when they get home from church.

So, I totally forgot about needing to work up to the full dose of met and for a couple of days have been taking the full dose. BIG mistake.
I was nauseated all day yesterday and almost to the point of throwing up last night. Will have to take just 1000 a day for maybe a week or so.

Pretty sure there were other things I wanted to post but all I can think about right now is taking a shower while he (Oren) is in a good mood lol.

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