Tuesday, May 19, 2015


I swear...toddlers man.....
Zoe has a fascination with DH's desk and DH still hasn't learned to keep important stuff out of her reach. Just caught her trying to open a bill... and she had opened up a new ink cartridge. Thankfully she didn't figure out how to really open it though. Don't think printer ink would come up out of the carpet like acrylic did.

Will have to empty out his drawer where are the pens and whatnots are.

Anyway, today wasn't all that bad. She did take a 2hr nap today. WOO!
Doesn't help that we're having to wake her up in the morning to give her the medication. It figures she would want to sleep in when we need her up early :\
Hopefully she'll still want to sleep in once we stop the meds. This momma needs that extra 30 mins in the morning before Oren starts to wake.

Oren is doing well. Lots of smiles when he's in a good mood. Lots of screaming and crying when he's not lol.
Not really much to say... 2m old... baby isn't doing too much :P

My milk supply is all over the place. Sometimes it's back to normal, other times it's lacking. I think it's b/c I'm not drinking enough but I've really been trying. Every time I get up, which is often, I drink half a glass of water. *shrugs*

On the swimsuit front... looked more on amazon. I really love those vintage looking bathing suits, but again, without trying on.. no way of knowing what my body would look like in them.
Really wish I could sew. I would totally make my own stuff.

There was something else I wanted to mention but I forgot and need to pump. Oh well :P

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