Saturday, May 23, 2015

Well poop

Ok, SO Tuesday is going to be the start of better eating.
Completely forgot about Memorial Day which means cook out with the fam.
Oh well, one more day isn't a huge deal in the long run. I'm so excited to start though and get this weight off.
There was a story the local news posted about a woman that lost over 80lbs in only 7 months by just changing her diet... no exercise. That's incredible and she looked amazing.
And there is another woman that was part of Zoe's DD group who went from 220something? to 150something. Not sure how long it took her but it's still an incredible accomplishment and she looks stunning. 10+ years younger and amazing.
I hope to have those results one day too :)

Told DH about the 2 bathing suits I want to buy for next summer WHEN I'm skinnier and he said OK. lol
Went ahead and ordered another tankini top from kohls though in a 18w. Hoping it won't be too big.... again, this is why stores need to carry more plus sizes. Some 18w sizes are way too big for me, while others in the same size fit me fine. Going by the measurements given on the site though.. 18w was the way to go. Kinda depressing since I had gotten down to a size 14 for a brief period... sigh.
I'll be there again.

Anywho.. ordered a shirt for DH that was awesome and ordered Zoe a cute butterfly dress... all for just over $10 :D YAY for Kohl's cash and promo codes! lol That $10 was a couple bucks for the dress that the codes didn't cover, shipping and tax. Woot!
Really wish these places would stop charging so damn much for shipping.

We went to the pool on Thursday. DH took Thursday and Friday off so he'd have a nice long weekend.
That was fun and both kids seemed to have a lot of fun. Zoe liked going in to the kiddy pool more and Oren was very relaxed in the floater and then eventually w/ me holding him. He actually fell asleep on me. Awwww
He was farting up a storm though and sure enough, had pooped his swim diapers.
Which brings up a point... why don't they make swim diapers for smaller babies? Or if they do, why do they not carry them in stores? The smallest we found started at weight 16lbs or something like that.
They did the job and contained his poop for this most part but still. was a really nice afternoon spent. We got some sun, got to lounge in the pool and just have a really nice family moment together. No pics though. We forgot to bring the camera. Oops.

Zoe took her last dose of antibiotics this morning. YAY!
Good news is that the last couple of days, she's taken the medicine willingly. WOOT! She still didn't like it, but she finally figured out that it was easier to just take it willingly and not be forced to do it. Thank goodness b/c we all hated that.
If she ever needs this again, hopefully she'll remember to just take it good and not fight it lol.

We're totally going to get her a new toy for everything she had to go through lol. Will have to hit up the consignment store to see what they have :) We bought her a cute $5 plushie turtle from Kohls too that we'll be giving her. $5 for a normal size plush animal is a great deal. They also had a bear, elephant and a whale if anyone is interested and has a Kohl's near you.

Right now, I'm eating a small bowl of homemade mint chocolate chip ice cream. YUM!
No, not a healthy version lol.

Saw a video on Buzzfeed with a very simple recipe.

1 pint heavy whipping cream. Whip it until soft peaks
Add 1 can of sweetened condensed milk. Blend.
Add flavors of your choice.... I wanted mint chocolate chips so during the whipping process I added a tsp of vanilla extract, and 2 cap full of peppermint extract. After it was whipped... I chopped up half a 70% dark chocolate bar and added that along w/ the milk and blended it all.
Put it in a container and leave it in the freezer for 6hours.
SO stinking delicious!!
It has the same consistency and texture as store bought ice cream, BUT since it is full fat, it leaves that greasy feeling on your spoon and lips. I don't mind it but I'm sure others might be a bit freaked at the fat content.
Wondering if regular whipping cream would have the same results but without the greasy aftermath.
Anyway... it's REALLY good and super easy. I just have a cheapy electric hand mixer that I used to whip it and it all only took maybe 10min to do.

Whenever I make this again (which won't be any time soon since I'll be trying to lose weight :D ).. I'll use just a little more peppermint extract. You can taste it but the mintiness is subtle.
Really recommend everyone to try it at home if you're craving some ice cream but don't want all of the added other junk in store bought stuff and you don't have an ice cream maker.
This one is perfect. Has the perfect amount of sweetness and like I said.... same consistency to store bought stuff. Creamy and not icy at all.

Want to make more to bring to the holiday cookout :)

We got home late last night. DH's grandfather is sick so we went over to inlaws house to visit and eat instead of going to a restaurant. We didn't leave there until 9 and got home at 9:30.
Oren woke up at 10, was fed and didn't really get back to sleep until after 10:30.
He slept until 6am this morning :D
He usually goes in to his deep night time sleep at around 8-9 then starts fussing/waking around 2:30-3:30. DH will wake and feed him then and he'll go back to sleep until about 6:30.
Anyway... being able to sleep in was nice.. or well... my version of sleeping in.
I still wake up at every noise he makes and he made a few like he was going to wake starting at around 3:30. I'd get up, give him his paci and then lay back down.
I do this every night and will eventually just get up when the amount of time between him making noises gets closer together.
It was the same this time too, but it just lasted until 6 this morning :P

As a result, I pumped about 7oz this morning. Got just over 5 on my right side and almost 2 on the left.
Wish I could get that much every 2 hours :P I'd have a freezer stocked enough to last until he's 2... I could stop pumping and just enjoy my free time again instead of worrying about needing to pump all the dang time.
Sigh.. a girl can dream. lol

Oh and speaking of kids sleeping... Thursday night at 3:30am (right after I was done pumping) Zoe woke up crying. I eventually went and checked on her and just knew she wasn't going to lay down and go back to sleep in her bed (well.. her little nest on the floor), so I brought her to bed with us. Times like this is when king size beds pays off.
Put her in between DH and I and of course she ended up mostly on my side, kicking and pushing me in my back.
I probably only got 1 more hour of sleep while DH and Zoe slept like babies until 7:30... and they only woke up then b/c Oren started to fuss. *grumble*
The price of being mommy I guess lol.

So this ended up being a long post. Pretty sure there was more I wanted to post about  but oh well.
I'll post the dinners I'll be fixing once we start low carbing.

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