Monday, May 18, 2015

Being fat sucks

Well, obviously being fat sucks for most people, but it especially sucks for women.
Why haven't stores picked up on the fact that there are a bunch of us fluffy girls out there that want and need cute clothes too? Why must they put all of the decent looking plus size stuff online? Bc as we all know... all clothes fit everyone exactly the same.. especially true for big girls! AMIRITE?? :\

Went to Kohls and oh look.... absolutely nothing cute. Should've paid more attention when I was on their website and saw the big "ONLINE ONLY" tag on the tankini tops that I liked... sigh.
I still got a pair of shorts though and DH got some much needed work clothes so it wasn't a totally wasted trip.

Seriously... I tried on every top they had and hated every single one of them. Looks cute on the hanger... not so much when filled with all of this.

And why are all of the junior sized clothes cute as shit and the women sizes all drab and matronly?? It's like stores only think that teen girls want to look cute and girly or are the only ones that want fun graphic tees with superheroes on them.
Oh wait... there was one shirt that I liked... just a simple women's t-shirt w/ some purple butterfly and skulls on it..... frickin $30.... WHAT??? The shirt was cute but not $30 cute.

Anyway... just reinforced my motivation to lose weight. I want to be able to go in to any store, see something cute that I like, try it on and be happy with how it fits.

Oh AND... why are all bathing suits so damn ugly with the fugliest prints on them?
On the hunt for a cute top... went to amazon to see what they had.... OMG the Chinese ones are frickin ADORABLE!! Of course my fat ass would never be able to fit in to them (even the ones that are in my size), but still.... cute as hell!

Like this one.... it's a one piece but still.. how awesome is it?

You'd never be able to find that in any store... at least not for a reasonable price.

I know I've complained about the lack of cute decently priced clothes for big girls before.. it's just frustrating.

Anyone watch Vampire Diaries? It's a bit of a guilty pleasure right now. Watching it on Netflix.
It's a decent show for what it is, but hot damn is it annoying too.
Everyone in the town is super rich and apparently has a ton of money to buy outfits for every little stupid themed dance at the high school or whatever event.
The main chick... Alaina or however it's spelled is SO damn annoying. Everyone just falls head over heels for her. Sure she's gorgeous, but good lord is she a whiny bitch that thinks the world revolves around her and it does in the show.
Anyway... I'm mostly annoyed by the high school dances and events in the show. It's just so unrealistic. I know how stupid that sounds with a show full of vampires and such lol.
Having a 20's inspired dance? No problem because we all have elaborate flapper dresses and gear and know all of the dances back then and will totally dance them all like professionals!
A ball at some random guy's house? Sure no problem! I just have this ole giant princess gown in my closet gathering dust on it.
And no one even blinks an eye when a bazillion people have been killed in the town. That part reminds me of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Tons of people die... no ones gives a shit.

Anyway... just had a need to rant today apparently lol.

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