Monday, May 4, 2015

Ranting and whatnot

Sometimes, I just want to smack DH upside his head.
DH really needs to learn how to be more patient, especially with Zoe. He's only with her a couple or hours a day, and even that's cut short now that he's exercising when he gets home, but damn dude... stop for a minute and stop being suck a dick to your daughter.
It's nothing too serious, just him having almost zero patience with her when she starts up so he gets in a bad mood.
Oh when Zoe is in a bad mood, it's frustrating as heck, but she's not always in said mood so how about toning down the damn attitude when her toddlerness comes out. And when I say toddlerness, I just mean her being high energy.

DH really is a great dad, but he really REALLY needs to be more patient, especially with Zoe.

Speaking of Zoe... she's still protesting quite a bit at bedtime. She used to go to sleep so easy... sigh...
She's started grabbing her blankets and making herself a little bed on the floor right in front of her door.
She must've gotten up in the middle of the night b/c I checked the monitor this morning and saw that her light was on but she wasn't in bed. The video monitor only comes on when it detects sound and it hadn't come on so I wasn't sure if she was asleep or playing quietly. Went to open her door (which she always locks for some reason)... and there she was, camped out in front of her door and of course woke up as soon as it was opened.
Didn't even hear her get up during the night. Probably helps that we have the sound on her monitor turned down quite a bit :P lol

DH thinks maybe she's afraid of the dark, but I don't think that's the problem. It's just her not wanting to go to sleep.
At least I really hope it's not her being afraid of the dark. As far as we know, there's never been reason for her to be afraid. Plus, she has a ton of light in her room from multiple nightlights.
Sigh... we're just hoping she goes back to going to sleep without a fight.

Oren's cold seems to be staying steady right now. Slightly stuffy nose and he still sounds like he has a scratchy throat. Never had a fever or a cough so hoping this cold is as bad as it's going to get. FX

Can't believe he's been here 8 weeks already and he's growing so fast! My little man isn't going to be so little for long.

Overall he's doing well though. I've figured out that a good way to calm him down is to swaddle him. For some reason, his arms free when he's trying to sleep is still keeping him awake which makes him super fussy, but as soon as he's swaddled, he calms right down.
He'll still struggle some, but that's better than him screaming his little head off.

Pumping is staying about the same. Some days I get more, some days I get less. It's been going well so far though but I'm already over it lol. I like that I can provide him something, but it's still living life every 2 hours.
Everything out of my mouth is... I have to pump... I have to pump soon...we can't be away for too long b/c I have to pump. UUUUUUUUGH.
DH already thinks I'll be done pumping by the time we go to the beach. I had actually wanted to try to pump longer than I did with Zoe, but not sure if my sanity would hold up lol.

Diet is going meh. Week days last week were ok, but the weekend we did end up cheating a bit more than we had planned. Oh well... First week of many so not going to beat myself up about it.

DH says that he's already lost 4lbs since he started exercising 2 weeks ago. Really proud of him.
As for myself... I have no idea if I've lost anything... or hell.. gained anything. Who knows.
I'll have to remember to weigh myself some time this week.... may wait until Friday morning. Hope it's down at least a little bit.

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Lee Pinwill said...

Don't be too hard on yourself dieting while still breastfeeding x