Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Sigh.... people....

I won't get all in to it but.....Fuck anyone that defends the Duggars. The only reason this family is getting defended by anyone is b/c they're on tv... THAT'S IT. If this was some random family that was suddenly in the news b/c of this... people would be screaming for blood and wanting their heads. But nope.... they're on tv and famous so... all is forgiven and anyone that can't is just being an atheist hater... or whatever.

Just ugh.... people.....

Anyway... now that that rant is out of the way.....
I haven't been pumping as much. Been doing it every 3 hours. My nipples are shot to hell right now. Sores all over them even though I lube these suckers up every time I pump so there is less friction.
Yeah.... I wanted to pump longer, but with the way things are going, I don't see that happening.

Plus my right boob HURTS. I don't pump during the night anymore so I get that engorged feeling in the morning. Pumping usually fixes the problem, but not this morning. Had an area on the side of my boob that hurts like hell and now the whole boob is hurting again. Not like engorgement, just an ache.
I tried massaging the area but it hurts to put pressure on it. Doesn't feel hot or is red or anything so not sure what's going on. Hoping w/ continued massaging and pumping it fixes whatever the heck is going on.

I'm also not getting nearly as much milk as I should so Oren is getting a lot more formula. Oh well.

Zoe has started her waking at 6am crap again. UGH. She was sleeping in until 8:30, but I knew that was too good to last. SIGH! lol

Going to start really focusing on potty training her soon. She's been getting in to the habit of taking her diaper off after she's peed in it once. So frustrating b/c we're still using disposables on her and don't have a lot left. Don't want to buy more before the beach trip b/c diapers are too expensive.

She'll want to sit on the potty, but never does anything and wants her diaper on. I would've started potty training sooner, but just haven't had the energy to focus on that.

May delay it until after the beach trip.

Diet is going well. My weight is like my milk supply though... a fickle bitch.
I weighed in yesterday and was down to 209.4. That was almost a 4lb loss in a week.
Now it's back up to 212 for no flippin reason. SIGH
I know, water weight, but why...why is my body holding on to this water again?
Just hope the weight keeps coming off.
Need to take my measurements for when the scale doesn't show progress.

Holy crap Oren is one grumpy baby sometimes.
Like when he's hungry... holy shit. He will scream himself hoarse. And of course we can't feed him quick b/c we have to warm the bottle of milk or make formula.

I can't remember if Zoe was like that, but I don't think she was. *shrugs*

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Shari said...

I use to put a hot wash cloth on my boobs when I was pumping. Really helped to make sure they completely drained and took away the ache.