Monday, May 11, 2015

Icing on the shit cake

So after the 4th poop, there wasn't any more.
Her pee was still stinging the sore spots but not as bad.
We gave her a Epsom salt bath before bed. Well.. we tried to. She wouldn't sit down in it so I poured water over her little butt while she played and splashed around.

Everything went well. Didn't seem like her butt was hurting her as much.
Things went as normal. We put her to bed. SHe got up turned her light on and played.
At around 8:30 we noticed on the monitor that she was looking under her bed.
Figured we should go look and try to get her to bed.
Welp, we got in her room and.... yeah, one of her toys was under the bed and the figures from her Star Wars mural was all over the floor.......... sigh........

Before..... and after..... sigh again.................

I'm really not even mad about it.
I knew it was going to happen eventually, just not this soon. And it's my own fault for not just painting the figures directly on to the wall in the first place. Not sure why I thought doing them on the vinyl sticker stuff was a better idea.
Oh well.... maybe I'll paint them back on the wall.... maybe I'll just paint something else... we'll see. Right now... I'm not doing anything to it.

So far today she has pooped once... and it's still nasty. Her butt is still red and irritated down there. Using a ton of cream on her butt to help shield it a little and help it heal. Just hope whatever is causing all of this stops soon.


Shari said...

Is she teething?

LisaL said...

We thought of that. I tried checking last night to see if she was but couldn't tell. I'll try to look again later.
It probably is that b/c other than the gum.. there hasn't been anything else that she's eaten that would be causing this.