Thursday, May 14, 2015

Pumping in the dark

It's what I'm doing right now at 4:30am. Well, I have the laptop on so I can see how much I'm getting but otherwise the room is dark.
Oren is sleeping off his vaccinations and hasn't woken up yet tonight. Didn't want to wake him by turning the light on so here I am.

His appointment went well. He weighs 11lbs 13oz, was 21something inches.... and yeah.. everything looked good for him.
He got one oral vaccine which he loved lol. He kept opening his mouth for more... so cute.
And he got 2 shots, one in each thigh.... yeah he wasn't liking those. He didn't cry for too long though thankfully.

Zoe was also seen and turns out she has strep throat w/ rash or better known as scarlet fever. Yeah....after looking a bit more online, it was the only thing that matched the way her rash felt and looked.
Seriously.. how much scarier does scarlet fever sound than strep throat w/ a rash?
Anyway.. it is still kind of shocking bc Zoe never had a fever.. at least not a bad enough one that made her act sick and she never complained or showed signs that her throat was bothering her.
Oh well, we got her meds so she should be good to go soon.

Her doctor said Oren isn't really in any danger of getting it, but DH and I are so we need to be careful. Great :\

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