Thursday, May 7, 2015


We went strawberry picking yesterday :)
DH has to work this weekend so was off yesterday. We went to lunch with his parents (and a bunch of other people). That took 2 hours. Heck, we didn't even start getting our food until over an hour from when we got there.
Then we went and got water and then to the strawberry farm.
Zoe had a blast picking and eating everything lol. She even ate the leaves at the end of the strawberries lol. Kept trying to tell her to just eat the berry but whatever. It's not going to hurt her.

It was a fun day. Not really a fun night though. Zoe camped herself out right in front of her door. I could push it open just enough to unlock the door and turn off the light and that's with scraping my hand up like crazy lol.
She woke up some time in the night and turned her light back on, so after pumping, I went to turn it off figuring that she was back to sleep. I must've woken her up though bc after laying back down, her monitor turns on and sure enough, her light is back on and she's crying.
Let her cry for a bit but she wasn't going back to sleep any time soon so I went and got her and let her lay in bed with us.

OH before that though... Oren started to wake at around 12:30 b/c he kept breaking free of his swaddle. I tried to reswaddle him but it wasn't working. Not sure when, but after the 3rd time, I just picked him up and brought him to bed with me. He laid next to me and we slept until 3:30. He would've slept longer, but I really had to pump.
I know cosleeping is a big no no, and I never ever in a million years would've done this with Zoe, but.. well... sometimes it's the only thing that works to get you both some sleep.
Thankfully I don't move around a lot when I sleep and it was warmish so no blankets in danger of getting over his face.
Still though, I really don't like doing it but gotta do what ya gotta do to get some sleep sometimes lol.

Only thing bad about going out and doing stuff is that it totally screws up my already messed up milk supply.
Drinking lots of water seems to be helping it some, but still, these long breaks aren't doing me any favors.

Good lord, MOther's day is Sunday?? Not that I'm expecting much but still... that snuck up. This year is going by quick.
Really hope DH isn't expecting me to cook lol. OOO going to this one chicken place would be great. They have some tasty fried and broiled chicken. It's a bit far from us but worth to go to every once in a while.
Also told DH he could get me one of those spiral veggie cutters and some new pans for MD lol. The pans we have are mostly just spent right now. Supposed to be nonstick but everything sticks to them now lol.
And we tried making pasta w/ zucchini. Obviously the texture wasn't the same, but it was still good and a really good alternative. Will be doing that again but just want the spiral cutter to make it a big easier.
Plus making some curly fries or curly sweet potato fries sounds really good too ;) heh

Can't wait to stop using these damn nursing pads. They make my nipples itch SO much and of course I can't scratch them b/c my nips are sensitive so all I can do is rub.
I've gotten so used to rubbing them at home, I did it in public yesterday. Lol oops.
Thankfully no one was around and I stopped when I finally realized what I was doing but still... that would've been super embarrassing and awkward if someone had seen :P

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