Thursday, April 30, 2015

Well that went downhill fast

So not even 10 minutes after I posted, I smelled poop so went around my bed to check Zoe's diaper to see if she had pooped (she was on DH's side).
I smelled it even stronger, glanced down and see poo on DH's sheet. Check her and sure enough... there's poop coming out of the top of her disposable training diaper. It's all over her pants and all over her shirt. BLEH!
Didn't know what she had gotten poop on, so other than my blanket and the pillows, everything else got washed.
I guess I can't complain too much... 2 and a half years and this is the first time she's had a blow out and it wasn't even that bad.
Still though, I'm not sure what she's eating that is causing such nasty poop, but hope whatever is causing it has stopped. I long for the days of nice clean turds.

Thankfully her cold symptoms so far have been pretty mild. No more runny or stuffy nose as far as I can tell. She was coughing a little yesterday but that cleared up.
However... whatever she had, she's passed on to Oren. Poor boy's nose sounds so congested.
He's thankfully napping right now, but not restfully. Poor baby :(

Well, DH is happy. Since I got the go ahead to exercise, have sex, etc... DH was ALL over that. He's been bugging me since about week 3 lol.
OUCH is about all I can say about the experience :P Guess that's what happens when you don't have sex for a couple of months.

DH picked up my metformin yesterday. Well... the doctor called in extended release instead of regular. Not a problem right? Well, that's if you don't mind spending $70 AFTER insurance on a month supply. WHA??
Why the hell is the ER so much more expensive? Insurance paid $470 of it!! Good lord..
I'll take these, but will be calling the doc office to get a regular met prescrip called in for the next refill.

And finally... keep forgetting to post about this, but we've figured out at least one thing that makes Zoe's face break out.
She had gotten all of these red bumps around her mouth. We had no idea what caused it.
Well that's until we went to Chick-Fil-A one weekend for some lunch. DH gave her some ketchup to have with her fries and sure enough... when DH was putting her in her car seat..he saw that she was getting the red spots around her mouth again.
Not sure what In the ketchup is causing the problem, but no more for her. Won't be a problem though since we don't really have it at home and rarely when we go out too.

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