Saturday, September 1, 2012


Is it normal to still be weepy this long after giving birth?
I'm not crying at random things, but certain things can set it off.
I'm not feeling sad or anything, no baby blues, but just feeling a bit weepy still.

Everything is good here. Zoe seems to be a lot more alert. Well, not hugely alert or anything, she just seems to want to look at everything around her a bit more.

Like last night. She was actually awake when we went to dinner w/ family and she was just as content as could be looking around at everything.
Could've just been b/c that's the first time she's actually been awake when out of the house (and not crying :P ).

We FINALLY went to Babies R Us today. It's on such a crap part of town with the most gawd awful traffic imaginable.
I wanted to go though and sigh, just makes me wish we had one on this side of town. SO much to look at... so little time. We bought a few things.... few more medela bottles and nipple things, erm.... and other stuff that I can't remember.
It was a good trip *nodnod*

When we got home.... my new nipple breastshield things.
I was using a size 27mm but it was just a tad too small imo, so ordered a 30. Used them twice so far. Can tell that the others were def too small, but we'll see if it helps w/ the soreness any.


shari said...

It will take awhile for the weeping to go away. I think if it isn't better by 6 weeks mention it to your doctor.

Anonymous said...

I'm not totally sure, but I think that sounds normal. All the hormones are still doing wacky things, so it could take some time. I hope it gets better soon! <3

hope4two said...

I was pretty weepy for a while. Not sure if it was hormones or just a whole life change that was affecting me but I thought my life would never balance out, return to normal, etc. Plus being sleep deprived didn't help. I am here to tell you---it gets better, you and your husband WILL have time alone together again and your baby will grow up. I went from working 40 hours a week to being a full time stay at home mom and it was quite the transition but it's all good now. Give yourself some time, if you still feel super weepy and are concerned, mention it to your doctor at your (6 week?) check- up but I think you are a normal Mom. PLUS! If you are technically weaning, since your milk supply is dropping, that can affect your mood too. Hang in there!