Sunday, September 9, 2012

That was unexpected!

Oh yeah, Zoe is def getting constipated.
How do we know?
Welp... she actually passed a turd yesterday. O_O
That was a shocker to see when changing her diaper. Just a small lrge marble sized turd sitting in her diaper lol.
Made cleaning it easy but poor thing must've been miserable trying to pass it.
Then a few hours later while DH was holding her, I guess he felt her go again & she let out this weird cry/squeek, so he got up to change her.
All I hear from the nursery is "OMG!!" lol
So I get up to see what's going on and... holy crap. It wasn't liquid baby poop... it looked more like someone took a large turd and smooshed it all in her diaper.
Feel so bad for her. It can't feel good to be that constipated.
Going to try doing some tummy massages on her for a while to see if that helps. The gas drops are def helping with that problem, but gotta figure out why she's constipated anyway. Has to be the formula, but she only gets maybe 2 or 3 bottles of that a day, the rest of breastmilk.

Wow.... it is amazing when you have a baby, how much you talk about their poop. O_o

Cloth diapering still going well. Double stuffing for night time is working out great. No more leaking from the back. When she gets bigger for the larger size diapers.. think I may order some heavy wetter types. Have one so will see if it's worth it to get more.

Seriously, cloth diapering is A LOT easier than I thought it was going to be. Only thing nasty about it is that you are def going to get poo on you... well if you use a diaper sprayer. You have to get your hands dirty to spray off all of the poop, but meh... it's gross, but I'm sure we're gonna get plenty of that on us over the coming years.

Going to get a bit stricter with diet. Still not AS strict as before since I'm just not going to have the oppurtunity to make things from scratch etc etc... but def can't keep eating the way I have been.
Hoping that maybe it will help with milk supply bc it just keeps going down down down :(


hope4two said...

Sorry about Zoe's poop issues. That stinks, pardon the pun. What kind of formula is she on? My son had trouble with Similac but did great on Enfamil, just FYI. It's very common for babies to be constipated, even the breastfed ones. I have heard babies not being able to poop for as long as 7 days before! There are a lot of exercises you can do with her to help get the poops out, massage her belly, bend her legs, etc. Tummy time? Keep up your dietary fiber in take, that might help her too. Hang in there. Also, have you tried eating oatmeal? I heard that helps with milk supply are doing awesome, I am so impressed with the cloth diapering, I don't think I could do it!

LisaL said...

Yep, tried oatmeal and couldn't stomach it so ended up making oatmeal cookies out of the rest lol.
Will def try some other ways to get the poop out.
We're using an organic formula that DH wanted to try out (recommended by one of his friends) called Baby's Only. She really likes it and chugs it down when we feed it to her (maybe 3x a day).
*shrugs* We'll see if I can loosen things in there for her.