Friday, September 7, 2012

Gas & constipation

Think poor little Zoe is slightly constipated which is causing A LOT of gas.
I swear, the farts coming out of this child sound like they should be coming out of an adult. Hmm... I guess that's kinda stupid though. Not like a baby fart would sound different but for some reason I thought they would... higher pitched maybe? lol

Anyway, I think it might be the problem that's keeping her awake during the day and her difficulty going to and staying asleep.
Not sure what would be causing it. Maybe something I ate not going over well in the breastmilk? *shrugs*

We're totally going to buy a bouncer. She really enjoys being bounced and moved. Not so much the swing right now. I think the vibrations a bouncer would offer will go over well with her. Maybe help shake out that excess gas lol.
Probably get that this weekend. Also hoping to get that new carseat too.

Cloth diapering is easier than expected. It sounds SO intimidating on paper. All of that washing and care, but it's been pretty easy and simple so far. It's not like you have to wash them by hand or anything lol. Just pop them in to the washer and dryer and voila.
Only thing that is a pain is restuffing the little green baby bamboo diapers.
The bamboo inserts are slicker than the microfiber ones so move all over the place, and the covers are smaller in the crotch area, so we had to buy some ice tongs to stuff with. It takes a while, but oh well. I really like those diapers. They fit her best right now. The microfiber ones fit and work well too, but they are SO bulky. Baby def looks like she's carrying around junk in the trunk lol ;)

I think we're gonna have to double stuff a diaper for night time. She's been sleeping a little longer and all of that pee is soaking one insert and leaking a little from the back. Should be a simple fix.

Anywho.... Zoe is sleeping on my lap right now. Gonna go watch some tv. Not even gonna try to take a nap b/c I know she's gonna be awake again soon.


What she's wearing today. Neither DH or I are really big football fans, but DH's uncle gave this outfit to us and well... it's just too cute not to put her in lol.

Love the look on her face. Kinda psycho.....

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lisabttc said...

Awww!! So cute!!!
Poor baby, I hope her gas/constipation gets better!!
I'm glad to hear you like cloth diapers! I was always intimidated by them, but I keep hearing great things!