Wednesday, September 26, 2012

7 weeks

Almost forgot to post this lol.
Have who knows how much time so I'll keep this short.

Zoe is 7 weeks old today. Almost 2 months old. WOW.
It's still surreal sometimes when I look at her. Just get this strange feeling when I think about that mine and DH's body made this new little person. It's so frickin weird rofl.

As for the hair... BLEH! I hope mine doesn't start falling out. It's nice not having clumps of hair coming out when I brush it and my hair ALL over the place.

Zoe photos!!

Waving 'Hello!' Mommy needs to clip those talons.

Chillin on mommy's lap, today (the footie PJs) and yesterday... and yes... I'm wearing the same thing :P heh

Took this just a few mins ago. She was screaming her head off b/c she was tired. Poor baby looked so miserable when she finally succumbed to the Sandman.

And finally, I caught a smile! YAY! It's a great big one too. She's so cute! She looks a lot like her aunt (DH's oldest sis) in this photo.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, time flies! I just love her - adorable!!!