Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My hair looks great at least

Zoe's sleep schedule is still somewhat screwy.
She wakes up once during the night... just depends on when she went to sleep.
She was resisting sleep since around 4pm... catnaps and lots of fussing until around 9 when she was just too pooped to fuss any longer. Finally went to sleep a little after 9.
She woke up at 4 which I was thankful for even though I was super tired.
THEN baby girl didn't want to go back to sleep b/c she was too busy squirming her way out of her swaddle. SIGH. I finally got her to get back to sleep at about 5:30, and then she just woke up again at 7:30. Yeah that seems great... 2 more hours of sleep for me, but ya gotta remember that I have trouble getting back to sleep :(
It's like if it is not tight enough to keep her arms pinned, she'll do her best to get out of it and will keep herself up. She just does not like swaddling.
I haven't been bothering with it during the day. Hoping that eventually she'll get used to her little flailing arms and it won't wake her up any longer so we can just stop w/ the swaddles.

Anywho, I'm pooped right now, but as the title says... at least my hair is looking good.
Thankfully it hasn't been falling out like it used to. Not sure if it will, but man, I hope not.

Looks like I've gotten MORE stretchmarks where those ones popped up at the end of my pregnancy. WTF?? Bleh... stretch marks are so damn ugly!!

Uh... feels like I had something else to mention but I can't remember.
I'll post some new photos soon if I can get around to doing it.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the lucious hair will fall out. :( I was so sad when mine started coming out in clumps at around 4 months pp. It took awhile for it to calm down and it was a PITA because DD would always have my hair on her. It was one of the joyous things about pregnancy because PCOS just isn't nice in the hair department.

Hopefully Zoe figures out the sleep thing. DD was horrible at it and eventually got a lot better at it.

Anonymous said...

That is interesting about the hair! I hope it stays thay way. I need mine to be like that too haha.
And aww man, I hope you get some rest sweetie <3