Friday, September 14, 2012


My left boob has been so I dunno... just weird lately.
I think I've been laying on my left side too much so it has put too much pressure on that boob so maybe milk ducts got blocked?
I made sure to not lay on that side for 2 nights and it's gotten better along with A LOT of massaging during pumping.
Before that though, that boob was not giving up ANYTHING. I'd get maybe.. MAYBE half an ounce after a 3-4hr time period. Before I would get about 1.5-2 during that time from that boob. So yeah... I was worried that things were drying up, but looks like things were just blocked.

It sucked massaging the hard aching lumps though. That crap hurts!! But, at least it's giving up the boob juice now.

Zoe spaaaaaaam!!!

Chillin in her bouncer. Think this was when she was laughing and smiling at the tv. Of course when I tried getting a photo of it, she stopped :P
In my lap, sucking on her pacifier and she put her thumb in the hole of the pacifier as she sucked it. DH thought it was adorable so got some photos of it heh.

And pics today when she woke up in a great mood. She was smiling but again... couldn't get a photo of it.
Did manage to get some faux smiles though heh... she was just yawning & stretching and it looks like smiles in the photos hehe.

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