Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Forgot to mention yesterday that I weighed Zoe. According to our scale... she is 11lbs 2oz O_O
Good lord... my chunky little munchkin!
No wonder my back is starting to hurt lol

I can't wait until she's sleeping longer! It's not that I really mind getting up with her b/c usually she'll go right back to sleep after eating. It's just that I can't get right back to sleep and by the time I do, she's already waking up again :( Frickin sucks.
No matter how tired I am, it still takes me forever to drift back off to sleep.
And lil Zoe's sleep noises aren't helping. She struggles against her swaddle and will grunt, huff and do all sorts of noises that keep me up or wakes me.

And speaking of swaddle... she HATES it until she's actually sleeping. She can not stand it but it's the only way she will actually stay asleep for a significant amount of time. If her arms aren't swaddled down, she'll spaz and it wakes her up and she starts getting all fussy.
We need to buy the larger swaddleme blankets. Some of the ones we have have shrunken a little and don't fit her any longer.
I wish we could start putting her in her sleep gowns again. SIGH!

Zoe is still constipated. Started bending her legs towards her stomach. Not sure if it's helping any, but I'll continue it.

Also Zoe has a flat spot on the back of her head. Didn't think anything of it until I saw someone post something about it on my DD group. I thought it was something that would correct itself. I mean I'm sure it would, but I don't want her to have a flat spot just b/c she likes sleeping w/ her head turned that way.
So anyway, we have her sleeping at a slight incline to try to get her to sleep the other way now. *shrugs*

Alrighty, gotta get and stuff some diapers. Only have 4 clean and stuffed right now heh.

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