Friday, September 21, 2012

B-day quickie

So my birthday was yesterday.
DH totally fooled me. He made me think he had either forgotten my birthday or was just being an ass (he does that well :P)... so I was pretty much on the verge of tears the entire day. That is until he surprised me with a cake and a kindle fire. Bastard....

Think this is the first birthday I've had in a long time where I didn't go to bed crying. Yeah.. I've had some shitty ones that DH has contributed to so it's not that far fetched that he was being a forgetful ass.
UGH that makes him sound like a total jerk, but I swear he isn't lol.

Zoe is resisting sleep like a mofo.
She still has her schedule at night, but during the day, she does not like napping for more than an hour at a time. An hour seems like a long time but it really isn't. Not when she's constantly waking herself up during that time and then the poor girl gets so fussy b/c she's tired.

And yes... crazy me wants to do this all again soon hehe.

Don't get me wrong... this is ROUGH... I am SO frickin tired and get so frustrated sometimes, but I dunno... it's not detering me from wanting to do it again and be even more tired w/ having to take care of a newborn and Zoe when she's older.
Seeing Zoe's little face... imagining the possibilities... then doing that for her possible siblings... I'll gladly do this all again w/ the added stress :)

Honestly, I'm not sure I'd feel this way if we didn't have our TTC struggle. Maybe I would have, maybe not, but I think our struggle has just made me appreciate all of this a lot more.
And before anyone reads in to that... no I'm not saying I appreciate this more than a fertile woman.


unaffected said...

Happy belated birthday! Glad DH surprised you, even though he had you mad at him for a couple days!

And based on the post title, I thought your present was a more, eh, physical type!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! That would have made me flip, if my DH did that LOL. Great gifts!

Jess said...

haha I thought the post was going to be about DTD too...bahaha. :-)

Happy belated birthday!