Thursday, September 6, 2012

How does she always know?

I swear.... this child always... ALWAYS wakes up while we're eating. It never fails.
I thought at first, that maybe she smelled the food cooking and that's what wakes her, but nope.
I slow cooked some ribs in the oven the other day. Cooked them for 3 hours and the entire house smelled like it.
Fed her and put her in her bassinet in our room.
Sat down to eat, and yep... she started to whimper and cry. WTH?? lol
And we've been eating at random times too so it's not like she's on a schedule that just so happens to coincide with when we're eating.

DH gave up his guy's night yesterday to stay at home and help me out. Awwwww... and thank frickin goodness!!

Zoe was not napping well at all yesterday. Waking up every hour on the hour for some reason. I couldn't get in a nap to save my life.
I wasn't exhausted, but I was damn tired.

She slept REALLY well last night though. We all went to bed at about 10pm. She didn't wake up until 3. I actually got up at 2:30 to pump, she woke and DH got up with her.
She got up at 9:30 this morning. WOO! YAY sleep!!
Actually it wasn't a good sleep this morning though.
The noises she makes when she's sleeping always wake me up and she was making a lot of them starting at around 6. Thought she was actually waking up a few times but it was just her dreaming I guess.

Zoe might've smiled at me last night! YAY! DH and I were sitting on the loveseat. I had her kinda sitting up on the boppy pillow on my lap and she looked right at me and gave me a half smile heh.
I can't wait to see more of those. She has the cutest dimples that she got from her daddy :)


Shari's Crafty Corner said...

Isn't that awesome how they know when you getting ready to inhale some delicious grub??? LOL I remember nursing and trying to just eat a sandwich because I hadn't gotten to really eat all day. Then they get to the point where they eat "real" food and you can't make it fast enough for them without a

When you eventually put Zoe in her crib and you get use to it, you both will sleep a ton better. It was hard for the first 2 weeks when we moved DD out of our room, but the sleep was so much better.

Their first smiles are the best!

unaffected said...

Smile pic, please! :)

SLESE1014 said...

oh...those sweet first smiles....they make the sleeplessness and going hungry all worth while....Raegan used to wake up during meal times too...Once she had a little head control, she started sitting at the table with us in the highchair.

Definitely need to have that camera ready for a smile pic....I LOVE DIMPLES!!!

lisabttc said...

Awww smiles!! Can't wait til you can capture it on camera :-D
Wow, that's interesting how she wakes when you eat! Babies must have an intuition or something sometimes.
I hope you get some good sleep again soon!